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Conversation. Connection. Education.

We feel devastated by the increasing numbers of mental health struggles and suicide of our young people.  We have felt the impact of the tragedy in our community, as a nation, and in our homes as mothers. 

Let's Talk Sis is invested in having meaningful conversation about difficult topics, creating more human connection, distributing education, and sharing resources around many topics – one of which is the mental health of our youth.

Profits from the "You Belong” T-shirt will go to the IlluminaTEEN Unity non-profit organization founded by Desmond and Alison Lomax who lost their son, Mateen, to suicide. IlluminaTEEN works with therapists, educators, and school counselors to create wellness classes, provide accessible therapy and trainings with special wellness rooms to enhance the well-being of students in their schools.  They also offer group therapy at the Utah Center for  Connection.

They felt if their son would have had these tools while in school his chances of surviving his mental health issues would have been much greater.  When you purchase a t-shirt you will contribute to this timely and important  project.

Profits from the You Belong shirts will go to the illiminateen non profit organization to
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