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Race. Diversity. Human Connection.

Alexis and Chanté are mothers, wives, activists, public/motivational speakers, and the creators of @letstalk_sis where they have created an Instagram platform to bring awareness to difficult topics, specifically race, diversity, and inclusion, and to promote dialogue and initiate positive change.  They are committed to making change through connection and humanity one conversation at a time. 

 Alexis and Chanté have shared passions and goals and have worked together and supported each other through the years.  Alexis, whose degree and background is in Sociology, and Chante, whose degree and background is in psychology, have spent the past 20 years advocating for youth in a variety of platforms including education, empowerment, safety, leadership, career development, and self-esteem.  They work with local leaders and parents in finding ways and changing policy to make schools and communities safer.  They have both, at different times, been presenters at the National US Department of Education Annual Conference in Washington, DC; acted as facilitators on the Annual International Youth Exploring Solutions Forum, and sat on international boards on youth leadership and safety. 

Alexis and Chanté have done other memorable things together as sisters.  At the 2002 Olympics, they were medal bearers and venue dancers where they met athletes and dignitaries from all over the world.  They even won their own Gold Medal at the Dance World Cup/Jr Olympics in Power Tap! They went to Mexico on a humanitarian visit where they worked in remote government medical clinics.  They also were invited to Jamaica to present leadership awards to outstanding youth and  to promote peace in neighboring cities.  They are the founders of a performance company geared towards helping underprivileged children and they created and directed a performing arts program at a residential treatment center. 

Alexis is a busy mother of four, cheerleader for her husband’s career, an entrepreneur at heart,  a baker, and a lover of Zumba and dance fitness. She works with a passionate and dynamic team whose focus is on holistic healing and mental wellness.  Alexis is a mover and a shaker and has helped develop diversity and inclusion curriculum for schools, served on the Brigham Young University Black Alumni Society board, has been teaming up with city officials and politicians to discuss diversity and inclusion in our local communities, and speaks at workshops and conferences on a variety of topics that are near and dear to her heart.  She performed for audiences through the US and South America as part of Brigham Young University’s Young Ambassadors.  Alexis loves to connect with people and one of her favorite ways is through social gatherings.  She and her husband are committed to helping first generation minority students succeed and feel supported.  You will often find an eclectic group of college students, friends, and family gathering for dinner or treats in the home of the Bradley’s.  Alexis loves to feed people and hear their stories! You will find her advocating, teaching and loving everywhere she goes.

Chanté is the mother of three beautiful boys.  She married her performing sweetheart and you will find them together sharing their talents - Chante as dance director and her husband as music director.  Chanté has been teaching dance since she was 16 years old and is an award-winning choreographer. She has trained at various studios in Utah, Los Angeles, and New York and received a teaching certification at the Broadway Dance Center in New York.  She is dance faculty at Brigham Young University, the chief choreographer for Rocky Mountain Summer Stock Theater, the choreographer for Nauvoo Productions, a sought after tap choreographer, and has traveled nationally as a soloist.  Chanté has combined her training in psychology with her love for dance and has created programs and presented at national conferences on the value of movement and dance as a form of therapeutic healing.  She is a gifted teacher and teaches anyone from the beginning student to dancers of professional companies. Chanté loves to create beauty everywhere she goes and excels in the art of organization and interior design.  She is currently in retail therapy and her claim to fame is keeping Target in business. 

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